Actions Speak Louder Than Keywords

CSG provides business, technology, and talent solutions. Using our proven consultative approach, change management process and talent analytics platform ™, we can analyze your current business, technology or talent needs, build solutions; operate the new solutions; and transfer them (the technology, the business model, and/or the people) to you.

Our Products and Services


Analyze Your Current State

  • Business. CSG provides Chief-x-Officer (CxO) business and technical expertise to help you analyze current state issues, define change targets, and determine management actions to optimize your organization, technology, and talent assets.
  • Technology. CSG performs technical analysis and presents options for proprietary and off-the-shelf systems implementation.
  • Talent. CSG analyzes job requirements as well as internal and external talent characteristics such as salary, availability, volatility, professional experience, and demonstrated skill to set a talent strategy that considers both best-fit and best-value.

Build Your Future State

  • Business. CSG helps you create and implement a program of change, including defined projects with associated governance.
  • Technology. CSG designs technical solutions and builds them using its own onshore or offshore resources and technical delivery harness, your resources, or a blended model.
  • Talent. Leveraging its patented ProForm™ platform, CSG helps builds high-quality teams quickly and effectively by automating technical screening, developing talent pipelines, and visually comparing candidates based on characteristics such as years of experience and desired salary as well as on demonstrated capability to do needed jobs.

Operate the New Solution

  • Business. CSG provides ongoing CxO extension services as well as program management, project management, and business process engineering as your changes take effect and your future state comes online.
  • Technology. CSG deploys, maintains, enhances, and provides customer support and training for your technology platform.
  • Talent. CSG manages business and technical teams as well as talent processes such as continuous talent sourcing and worker professional development.

Transfer the Solution to You

  • Business. CSG transitions the business model including organizational framework, processes, and reporting to you.
  • Technology. CSG transitions the technology to you for ongoing development, maintenance, and support, including all system components and documentation.
  • Talent. CSG transitions talent and related practices to you. This can even include transition of the team that designed, built, and operated your system.