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Why Cobb Systems Group?

When you establish a relationship with CSG, a world of possibility emerges. Our employees experience continuous growth and explore multiple career options. Some work on-site with clients, while others work out of a CSG office. Our employees have the unique opportunity to move between client facing projects and CSG sponsored products and services in a manner that constantly challenges and grows their skills, experience and careers. CSG affiliated independents and subcontractors also enjoy stable, long-term assignments. This growth and stability exists because CSG has created a unique ecosystem of products and services with its clients.

CSG recognized my existing capabilities and my future potential. At CSG, I am constantly challenged and I constantly grow.

-Maha L.

Cobb Systems Group Ecology


Our teams work on cutting edge technology for innovative companies. We build custom systems or commercial products that meet the very specific business needs of our clients. We develop an in-depth understanding of their people, processes, technologies and business models. We form peer-to-peer, not just customer-vendor, relationships with their management teams.


Professional Services - Talent

CSG fills highly specialized positions. We match candidates to positions that best fit the candidate’s career goals and demonstrated capabilities. We use a proprietary set of methods and technologies that our clients trust. When appropriate, CSG will even provide interviewing and technical training for an opportunity that a candidate is pursuing.

Professional Services – Consulting

We provide strategy and advice to our clients through consultation. We take engagements that require the analysis of our client's greatest challenges, that range from a CFO asking us to “Analyze our IT group and budget and tell me how to get much more value for our spend”, to a president asking us to “Tell me how to integrate a business that we are evaluating for acquisition".



CSG builds its own commercial talent and workforce development products. These products are used by CSG and by our clients, creating an ecology that sets us apart from our competition. As a reference for the CSG ecology, think about how Amazon, the world’s largest online web retailer, innovated and created the world’s largest cloud hosting service to fill its own needs, then offered that service to external clients and even to other online retailers.

Who We Work With

CSG Talent Network

CSG is constantly in need of software developers, database administrators and developers, business analysts, QA automation engineers, product managers, technical project managers, technical writers, and finance/investment management professionals of all disciplines. We welcome new relationships with IT staffing agencies and consultancies. Contact us.


9841 Washingtonian Blvd., Suite 200, Gaithersburg, MD 20878 | 301-869-2622

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