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ProForm™ Services

ProForm™ is an analytics platform that brings automation to the most inefficient and costly steps of the talent acquisition process. ProForm™ reduces costs, increases candidate pipeline quality, and provides a way to increase inclusion. ProForm™ can be used in conjunction with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or as a standalone solution. When combined with CSG analytics services, you can not only reduce the cost of recruiting, but the cost of your workforce!


Reduce Recruiting Costs

  • Automate the custom screening of candidates to your specific job openings.
  • Reduce time-to-hire.
  • Utilize rich analytics to make hiring decisions faster.

Enhance Candidate Quality

  • Remove the guesswork; let candidates demonstrate their value to you.
  • Search demonstrated capabilities, not resumes.
  • Filter-in the best value candidates.

Increase Inclusion

  • Counter bias with data.
  • Equalize opportunities across talent pools.

How ProForm™ Works

ProForm™ Process

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