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Christine Juettner Participates as a Panel Member of the Financial Women’s Association

Juettner shares insights at a panel organized by the Financial Women’s Association of New York.

Sep. 30, 2014

NEW YORK, Ny., Sept. 30, 2014 — Whose Career Is It Anyway? The Changing Meaning of Work explored the implications for hiring and professional development in today’s talent market in which at least four generations of workers compete and collaborate.

Juettner shared insights on how professionals could leverage tactics from financial investing to managing their career as a portfolio of skills and experiences; understanding the component and portfolio value of their talent assets; choosing a custodian to custody their career; and using assessment technology to benchmark their skills against that of peer groups. Assessment technology can also be used to grow skills (through training and practice) and to produce sharable work product that demonstrates the skills claimed in a resume, curriculum vitae, pitchbook, or fact sheet. Juettner further stressed how to pivot the appropriate tactics to the applicable audience — which could be an HR professional, a technical hiring manager, or a computer algorithm that evaluates one’s influence in a social network or that computes the match-strength of keywords in one’s resume with those in a job posting.

For employers, Juettner discussed diversifying the skills of HR departments to include project management, data, and analysis skills. She also described several of the benefits of talent technologies, particularly those which help HR manage job candidate volumes and which let them focus on the demonstrated capabilities of job candidates rather than on simple, context-less resume keyword matching. Employers may also leverage financial industry methods to manage their workforce as a portfolio of assets and to help HR be more consultative with its internal customers, including employees.

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