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Cobb Systems Group Trains its Interns to Thrive

Interns are given intense formal training that helps them develop into team members that get progressive exposure to the product or client-based work that CSG does.

May. 4, 2017

Over the past seven years, Cobb Systems Group (CSG) has been offering internship opportunities to students and return-to-work professionals, specifically individuals in STEM fields. The purpose of internships at CSG is for interns to learn how to learn and be as self-directed as possible in a corporate environment setting. Internships at CSG run throughout the year.

CSG is an award-winning software development firm with product and professional services offerings.  Interning at CSG is a unique experience.  Interns are given intense formal training that helps them develop into team members that get progressive exposure to the product or client-based work that CSG does. Depending on the intern, the training can last several weeks to a few months.

As an example, software developer interns are given ProForm™ development exercises that measure their ability to read requirements and develop solutions that become progressively more complex.  Once the interns create a solution, their ProForm™ results and their code are reviewed and critiqued by a senior software engineer or even by the CTO or CEO. Most importantly, the interns are given a set of research assignments that expose them to a new design, architectural pattern or language construct that will help address the issues that are found within their solutions.  The interns then retake the exercises and show that they can apply what they have learned while creating a new solution that address their previous issues.  This process repeats until the interns can analyze very complex requirements and create elegant, object-oriented solutions.  This is how CSG develops interns into solid object-oriented developers that can analyze requirements, abstract, design and thoroughly test their solutions before they join a delivery team.  Just as importantly, interns learn how to become resourceful independent, quality oriented problem solvers.

The feedback that we get from our student interns is that the mental toughness and confidence that they develop during their internship serves them well as they move through their academic career. The feedback that we get from return-to-work professionals is that they have no problem becoming high performing, valued contributors wherever they wind up being permanently employed.

CSG’s dedication to developing STEM and business talent takes many forms.  We are proud of our internship program and of the achievements of our interns.

About CSG

Cobb Systems Group is an innovative, award winning company that provides software development, technology services, talent services, and commercial CSG products. For ongoing news, please visit our newsroom.

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